How to record your screen on Windows 11

Enable the optionAsk to save my snips before closing. I hope, you will learn the art of capturing screens without any difficultly on Windows. If you have any issues or know any other methods to screenshot on Windows, do let us know in the comments.

  • You can also copy the generated web link of your recording and share it with your audience.
  • Then choose theSave Media as..option and select your desired location on your computer.
  • In addition to recording videos, Camtasia also lets you import HD video into your recording from an external source.
  • Unfortunately, I can’t validate this guess since the problem doesn’t occur on my machine, anymore.

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Screenshots are easy enough to take on your phone but taking screenshots on Windows is not so straightforward. Just press Ctrl + Shift + 1 together to start the application. Once you’ve taken your snapshot, press ‘Ctrl + S’ to save the image in your desired location. The exact label may vary from one model to another, but Dell laptops usually mark the Print Screen key as ‘Prt Sc’. Also marked as F10, you’ll find this key in the top row of your keyboard.

Click the mode drop-down and select the desired shape. The screen dims and you need to drag a box around the area of the screen/app/document you want to screenshot. Once done, release the mouse button and the snip will appear in the Snipping Tool (previously called Snip & Sketch). Though the Windows Snipping Tool is incredibly useful and offers several options that can suit your needs, there are other ways to screenshot or crop your screen. The fastest and easiest way would be the ‘Print Screen’ button located either on the very top or the right side of your keyboard.

On older devices with a Home button, press the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously. So these were all the fixes that you could get your screenshot function to start working again on Windows 10. If you’re Driver still experiencing trouble with taking screenshots, we highly recommend you get a third-party application for the same.

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Apple macOS users can take a screenshot of an entire screen by pressing Command+Shift+3. This action creates a new TIFF file on your desktop. On older Windows Phone devices, the key combination for taking a screenshot was the Power + Start buttons.

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Get into Start Menu, select All apps, choose Windows Accessories and tap Snipping Tool. The second way is to simply press the Windows logo key + Shift + S, which will immediately bring you to that same command bar. Besides, screen shots may be useful when you need to demonstrate some information on your screen to other people, or save your screen. That’s about all you need to know about using the Snipping Tool in Windows 11.

You can choose between taking a screenshot, recording a video, adding audio to it and sharing the recording through an automatically created URL. The first step is to download and install ScreenRec. Once you’ve done this, just press Alt + S is to select the screen capture area. ScreenRec is a free screen recorder with no watermark that lets you to capture your desktop in one click and share instantly. There are several free screen-recording applications available for Windows if you don’t want to use OBS Studio. A couple of noteworthy ones include Icecream Screen Recorder and AceThinker’s screen recorder.

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